Job Title:      Source Board Member & Secretary


Salary:     Voluntary Position – Unpaid


Hours:     Approx 8 - 16 hours per month


Commitment: 12 months. (If you’re really keen & have at least 6 months to offer, please apply regardless.)


The Role:

The Source Board is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the Source Co-operative using consensus decision-making principles.   


Responsibilities of all Board Members:

  • Form part of the Source Board & participate in consensus decision-making.

  • Acknowledge that Board roles are somewhat fluid and must be flexible

  • Attend fortnightly Board meetings (aiming to move to monthly meetings)

  • Respond to emails between Board Members/stakeholders promptly

  • Awareness of the importance of OH&S and risk management at Source.


Role of Secretary:

  • Collate and send fortnightly emails to the co-op membership, keeping them informed & engaged.

  • Compile board meeting agendas and email the Board (& other attendees) to confirm time & place of meetings.

  • Respond/forward on emails sent to the Source address.

  • Place minutes/other written info on google docs and email to the board / other attendees and shop managers.. Update the key decisions register.

  • Oversee & assist the Membership Support person with the development of website and membership database.


Benefits to the Board Member:

  • Active member discount of 35% at Source

  • reimbursement of costs associated with Source (eg, conference attendance) pending Board consensus with respect to the specific cost

  • the opportunity to shape the future of Source and be involved with a fabulous Co-op!

Desirable Attributes:

  • Commitment to the values & aims of Source Co-op (refer to website)

  • Reliability in responding to calls/emails pertaining to Source & attendance of meetings.

  • Enthusiasm for sustainability, co-operatives and bringing Source to the attention of Greater Hobart & the World….



Legal requirements under Source’s Constitution. Refer to: