The Co-op stocks a range of goods – both packaged and unpackaged. Packaged goods can be purchased just like at an ordinary shop, and include dairy and soy products, juices and some canned products.

However, the Co-op’s speciality is unpackaged goods, which are sold in large bulk bins and include chocolate, pasta, flours, grains, pulses, nuts, cleaning products and much more. The best approach is to come prepared with containers and bags from home, then follow the simple steps below.

  • If you are buying from the bulk bins, please wash your hands in the small sink.  
  • Grab a basket and scout out what you’re after – there are signs and the friendly volunteers and shop keepers will be happy to help you.
  • Weigh your containers and write the weight on with a permanent pen.
  • Fill your containers or bags with clean scoops from the bins and when you’re ready take it to the checkout.
  • If you have an accidental spill, please clean it up. There are rags, brooms, etc. you can use. If you’ve spilled a large quantity or the item is an expensive one, please consider making a donation to cover costs – the Co-op has a standardised very low mark-up and is a non profit organisation.

If you forget, or need more bags there is a bag of used bags, and there are also some jars, etc, although it can be a bit of a lucky dip.  There are also some new paper bags available to purchase cheaply.

Please don't hesitate to ask the friendly shop keepers or volunteers working in the shop if you have any questions!