Veggie box scheme

The Box Scheme

The box scheme is the most efficient way of getting the best quality organic food from the farmer to your kitchen, with a minimum of cost to you and to the environment.  There are hundreds of similar schemes operating around the world - this style of shopping is on the up because it is honest, and provides a shortcut to the extended food supply chain. It is popular because it is convenient, economical and super fresh (we can buy a load of fresh food and arrange to have it arrive just before you pick it up- that's harder to achieve in a traditional retail situation)

Source is building stronger relationships with local organic farmers - we can guarantee a market for them, and they can conveniently drop off their week's produce and get back to farming! (However due to Tasmania's proximity to Antarctica we will source some of our goods from interstate as our growing season slows down).

This is how it

- You commit to 4 weeks worth of boxes at a time, and pay in advance when you make the order

- The type of produce included in each box is dictated by availability and seasonality. You can elect whether you want a $25 box or a $50 box. The box will include roughly 7 kinds of vegetables and fruit. You can opt to add on Summer Kitchen bread. When you pick up the goodies you can stock up on the other essentials from the food co-op as well, and perhaps avoid going to the supermarket at all!

Summing up

-4 week commitment, pay up front (No credit, must be current)
-choose a $25/50 box of fresh seasonal organic fruit and vegetables
-pick it up on Wednesdays between 12 and 8pm

Feel free to bombard us with feedback about th
e boxes. We are trying to keep it simple. We may consider more box sizes, meat options, different timing in packing and pick up and various other options in the future. Depends what YOU want!! Remember that it is your co-op, so get involved!



Here it is! An indication what will appear in a $25 box every week. There are 3 apples, half a kilo of toms, 1 kg of carrot, 2 onions, half pumpkin, 2 zucchinis, 500gm potato, 2 bulbs garlic, 3 big beetroot.